BlindBoxes to Phase Out Open Items

Back when started back in January of 2011, they didn’t quite have the network of connections with wholesalers and distributors they do today. As a result, the only way for them to stand out and justify the prices they would have to charge meant resorting to selling them as open boxes. For example, paying $3 for an item at retail in the store and then selling it for $5 as an open item.

There was a lot wrong with such a practice. First of all, it was time consuming to open, photograph, catalog, and store the items as open inventory. Especially when one could typically not justify more than a dollar or two mark-up. Such could work in bulk, but typically we are talking about only one or two of each design in inventory.

Next there were the customers that didn’t understand the concept of blind boxes, who would write in disappointment that the item they received had been previously opened. Some understood the explanation and admitted to not reading the description which clearly states it is open and ships with its original packaging, but others would need to be refunded (and even still were unhappy with the experience).

Other manufacturers took issue with the idea of selling open blind boxes. Though many stores do it, Kidrobot for one made it a specific point to say that they would not accept a company as a vendor if they sold open items. This was also the policy of Dream USA (the people who manufacturer Sonny Angel) yet due to the problems had with Dreams USA, this will be the exception when it comes to selling any new open items (see their article Goodbye Sonny Angel for why).

So, as the open items remaining in the store are sold off, they will be hidden from the store’s inventory. And just for reading this article, we invite you to help them clear that inventory with a special coupon code VTP1Y8C274K8E which will get you 15% off any item in their “Open Items” category. Note that not all of their open items have made it into this category as the menu changes are extensive and recent. So if you see an open item in the store that is not in this category, just write and ask them to move it so that the clearance promo code listed here will work as desired.