Buying Out of Print Vinylmation Boxes

The only place you can really get retail priced blind boxes is This is because they do not wholesale these products to stores. buys bulk items on sale and marks them up modestly for resale. does occasionally purchase from private collections, but only sealed cases from reputable sellers due to the frequent tampering that is encountered when buying from auction sites. As these series go out of print quickly and sealed boxes become hard to find, these prices are quite reasonable for collectors. The price on the store is directly proportional to the price paid– the mark-up on most items is no more than $5.

There is a large selection of sealed boxes, and until they are sold out, the remaining open boxes (not to be restocked) can now be obtained at a discount (see to Phase Out Open Box Sales Inventory).

Browse the open and sealed Vinylmation inventory under the “Designer” menu at