Licensed Figural Foam Keyrings

When you hear “foam keychain” you may immediately picture something very light and brittle but the Figural Foam Keychain series are the very opposite. These are not light, but fairly heavy at at about an ounce and a half. They have good color and don’t seem at all brittle.

It is likely to be this assumption that a foam keychain would be a cheap product that seems to have resulted in some rebranding of the product. Specifically, the line seems to have dropped the “foam” word from the title so the more recent products are simply referred to as a “Figural Keyring”.

A Quick Look video was released for the “unboxing” of the Simpson series of these keyrings:

Interestingly, some of the figures are available in boxes versus bags. This may be due to the perception that blind bags should be inexpensive and $6.99 approaches the price of what one would expect to pay for a blind boxed figure.

Some cost more due to licensing, but at the moment has thirteen different series in stock. They have multiple Disney series, multiple Marvel series,  and others licensed from the Simpsons, Nightmare Before Christmas, DC and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few.