A place to discuss your collection

For the last couple of years, BlindBoxes.com has been leveraging the service Disqus for comments and review at its store. Customers have been encouraged to use the feature to review their purchases and those wishing certain items to be restocked have been directed to ask for such here as well. Just this last weekend, they created a channel for blind box discussions where you can ask and answer questions with other collectors. A new forum like this naturally has little discussion happening so soon and when people don’t see a place being used they don’t use it. This catch-22 makes it hard to get such a thing going, so we want to encourage you to think of a question and post it! Some examples:

– What is the best way to store my vinyl figures so they are not damaged by dust?

– What are some of the secret figures in Be@rbrick Series 31?

– I can’t get my figure to stand up, is anyone else having the same problem or did I just get a bad figure?

Whatever the question about your collection, please come help get the discussion going at https://disqus.com/home/channel/blindboxes/