Bummer! Out of Stock?

It can be frustrating to find what you are searching for only to see it is no longer available. Some stores have more “out of stock” items than in stock items. You may well wonder why stores don’t remove such items from their site if they are not available. There are a couple of reasons.

IMG_1451The first is to feed the search engines. When you are looking for an item and land on their site, there is a hope that you’ll find something else you’d like to buy if the item you are looking for is sold out. Not many stores offer an ability to filter out items no longer available but most make it easy to see they are not available while browsing inventory so you don’t have to click into each page to see if it is available. One of the many nice options provided by BindBoxes.com is their mobile application. Using the BlindBoxes.com Apple or Android mobile applications provide a view of their inventory with all out of stock items filtered out. You can dig into various sections of their inventory or enjoy the default view where the store’s most commonly sold in-stock items are sorted by popularity (as you can see in the screen shot to the right, BlindBoxes.com’s hottest seller are the Cactus Kitties blind boxes by Tokidoki.

The second is that it may just be temporarily out of stock. Use the feedback/review/comment capability of the store to request that they attempt to restock. Some items, especially older items that are out of print, may never be restocked. However, with enough demand a store can likely get a hold of more at a higher cost (and would then need to charge more than what may be currently listed). Still, it’s worth asking (and perhaps including the most you’d be willing to pay).