Vinyl Art Toys. And Plastic, Wood, Cardboard 

Vinyl toys are among the most common material for collectible toys but there are a few exceptions. You’ll find a plastic blind boxes out there (like SketBots or it is much more common among blind bagged children’s toys like Kre-0 or Lego) but while it is more common for blind bagged items, it is still far from the norm. You’ll also find an occasional wooden blind box (most popular being the Jibibuts series). The SuperBastard blind boxes are actually made of cardboard! But those really are the rare exceptions.

Vinyl toys a are less expensive to make and are a good material in manufacturing. There are two kinds of vinyl used in toy making: the more typical PVC as well as Soft Vinyl. Some common examples of rotocast PVC figures are Kidrobot’s Dunny and Munny series. An example of Soft Vinyl (sometimes referred to as sofubi) would be the Ghost Land figures by Super7 .