Cheap Chasers?

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The Quick Look section at is a rare exception to that rule. So to address a couple of obvious questions…

What’s the Deal? record unboxing videos for their “Quick Look” series. The videos are intended to be less than 2 minutes in length providing a close look at a single series of blind boxed or blind bagged collectables. The open items are sold at the store’s Quick Look section at below retail, regardless of how rare the opened item may be. There is just one of each figure, so you’ll need to be quick to jump on them but we’ve got some tips below on how you can be alerted quickly to snatch them up!

How Can it be So Cheap?

The prices are roughly wholesale, or what the store paid to stock them, so for the store, there is no money lost (though there is clearly a lot of profit being given up). Especially with rare items (see the Dunny Series 3 figure, or Holidape Dunny figure for some extreme examples) they would certainly fetch a high price if sold to collectors. However, it’s this chance of a rare item being opened that makes the campaign especially exciting. The store enjoys higher subscriptions and viewership of its videos and engages with customers for the cost of profits lost– a fair trade when you consider other ways marketing budget might be spent!

How can I get one of these?

You’ll have to be quick. As of this moment, the Quick Look section at the store has only been open a few hours and a couple are already sold. It’s likely they will all be gone pretty quickly, snatched up by collectors or those looking to turn them over for a profit. Subscribing to the channel will alert you to new videos as they are published and following them on Twitter is a way you can get even faster notifications (in fact with Twitter, you can set up alerts and get a notice or text message when @BlindBoxes posts a tweet). Good luck!


One more thing: They are always asking, “What do you want us to open next?” in the videos. The whole store is at their disposal, so use the comment section on the individual videos at YouTube to request what you’d like to see opened. They are probably less likely to open the same series a second time if you missed one, but you never know.