So Much Simpsons!

Everyone who likes the Simpsons (and surely many who do not like them) are aware that there are tons of licensed products that have been made available over the years. As fans of vinyl art and blind boxed collectables, we are not to be let disappointed here. There has been some great series of mini figures and keychains available from the likes of KidRobotWizKids and Lego.


Simpsons Lego Mini Figures! This series 2 blind bag may include any of the following characters: Homer, Marge, Bartman, Lisa with Snowball II, Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper, Fallout Boy, Smithers, Patty, Selma, Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, Mrs. Krabappel, Dr. Hibbert, Professor Frink, Hans Moleman, or Martin Prince.

img_4371_160107__65967-1452208524-220-290KidRobot had two older series, some open figures may still be found here. But they have come back strong with their more recent 25 years series of 3″ mini figures. The figures and odds for the 3″ mini figures are as follows:


The Collector – 1/20, See My Vest Burns – 1/40, Radioactive Man – 2/20, Poochie – 3/80, Plow King – 3/40, Mayor Quimby – 1/40, Matt Groening – 1/40, Hank Scorpio – 3/40, Frank Grimes – 1/40, Fat Hat Homer – 3/40, Fallout Boy – 2/20, Bart Man – 2/20, Tipsy Duff – 3/80, Edgy Duff – 3/80, Sleazy Duff – 3/80, Remorseful Duff – 3/80, Queasy Duff – 3/80, Mr. Sparkle – ???, Mr. Sparkle (Red and White) – 1/60, and Mr. Sparkle (kaiju) – 1/120.

img_2475_150116__96604-1421418118-220-290KidRobot also released a similarly branded keychain series featuring completely different designs such as Duff Beer,  Buzz Cola, an inanimate carbon rod, three eyed fish, the head of Jebadiah Springfield and lots more. Check out the box for pictures.

simpsons1__52567-1423953651-1280-1280WizKids released a 25 year anniversary tribute of their own in blind bagged form! Series 1 and Series 2 features some special guest star characters!

Series 1 – The first series of 2″ mini-figures includes celebrities like: Yao Ming, Kid Rock, Tom Hanks, and more! All feature incredibly detailed sculpts with celebrity likenesses, and are carefully hand-painted. Each is captured in an action pose on a 2″ round base


simpsons_greatest_guest_stars_series_2_neca_01__92109-1423954563-1280-1280Series 2 – Continuing on, series 2 introduces more celebrities including Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Roger Daltre, Britney Spears, Mark Hamill, Lucy Lawless, and Tony Hawk


img_3799_151013__37351-1444785382-386-513Finally, the newest series to hit the streets is the Figural Keyring Series. There are several similar series featuring other licensed characters from Disney, Marvel, DC and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Simpson series includes “cute” versions of key characters: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, Comic Book Guy, Krusty, Mr. Burns and Chief Wiggum.


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